Excellent Encryption Software!
"I use it on my Windows 8 PC and Surface Pro to keep my files and folders private. Excellent experience, simple user interface, easy to use and encrypt all important data on the fly. It does exactly what it claims to do, just as I expected. Privacy Drive is the simplest and effective way to secure files and folders, they are encrypted, hidden and password protected. Keep up the great work!"

Martin L. Taylor

Quick and easy to use
"I recently installed Privacy Drive, it does what it claims to do and is very easy to use. I don't need to manually encrypt or decrypt each and every file or folder. It encrypts my files on the fly with AES-256 and hides them from other people can access. I am very pleased with this app, especially user interface, speed performance and overall ease of use of the app."

Steven Zucker

Great App!!
"I have Privacy Drive on all of my computers. Running this app on portable mode allows me to encrypt all my files onto a large .pdv file on my usb drive. No one can open it with out my pass. I don't worry about carrying confidential info on my usb drive anymore."

Norman Council

Excellent File Encryption Software!
"It's a very nice and easy to use file encryption software. As a lawyer, it is really important for me to keep my client's documents secure. Privacy Drive has now become an integral part of my professional life."

John Terry

It's a simple and efficient encryption software, very easy to use.
"As an office staff, I often have to struggle with how to keep my files safe when my colleagues are using my computer. But ever since I started using Privacy Drive, I can leave my computer open without any doubt that anyone can access my data. I am pretty much satisfied with Privacy Drive."

James E. Foster

Nice user interface & Very easy to use
"Works exactly as promised. The encrypted volume file (.pdv) even can be uploaded to a cloud server such as Microsoft SkyDrive or Google Drive. You may access protected data from anywhere and anytime, that's cool!"

Caleb Allen

Simple, Secure and Effective... A Must Have Encryption Tool!
"Privacy Drive encrypts files and folders by using industry-leading AES-256 encryption algorithm, hides them from view. That is truly the ultimate security. How can anyone get into a folder they do not even know exists."

Paul Hooper