"Privacy Drive - Create, Mount and Encrypt Virtual Drives"

There is no such thing as being too careful when it comes to sensitive data and the security features of specialized applications are never too powerful. If you feel that encrypting files or folders is not enough, you could turn to Privacy Drive. It lets you create and mount virtual drives, where you can store your important data. The virtual drives are saved as files, using the software's native format and they are impossible to mount, unless the correct password is provided.

Privacy Drive's setup file is only 2.30 MB and the installation process does not include advanced or confusing settings. You can use the software on any 32 or 64-bit Windows platform, from Win 2003 to Win 7. It supports both FAT and NTFS file system and it does not require powerful hardware.

The program's functionality is quite easy to understand. Basically, you need to create a virtual drive and mount it. Mounted drives behave just like any other partition, so you can use them to store your files. When you need to access your sensitive data, you have to mount the virtual drive and type in your password. A more detailed look over Privacy Drive's functions will reveal that it is very effective when it comes to protecting data. It uses the AES-256 and AES-128 encryption algorithms, with SHA-512 and 256 hash algorithms and it lets you combine them however you want.

Virtual drives are created on a separate window. You can specify its size in MB, GB and TB, create a password, select an encryption algorithm, assign a drive letter and choose to mount it as a hard disk or as a removable drive. Even if you allocate a large amount of disk space, the software will create your drive quite fast. Once created and formatted, you will be able to access your new drive, on a standard explorer window or any other file manager, like a normal partition.

The created partitions are listed on the right side of the interface and you can use different options, located on the toolbar, to mount or dismount them, remove their contents or remove the partitions themselves from the list. You can view a drive's properties, beneath the aforementioned list, even if you select standard partitions. You will find the same pie chart representation for used and unused space, file system and so on. If you select a virtual drive, you can also view its encryption algorithm.

The software is capable of creating virtual drives, on which you can store important data. It provides you with powerful encryption algorithms and it lets you protect them with a password. When creating a drive, you may allocate as much disk space as you need and it will take only a few moments to create it.

While using the program's trial version, a message will pop up, in the lower right corner of the screen and it may hinder your work.

Privacy Drive's only purpose is to protect your personal data with minimum effort from your part. Thanks to its simplicity and efficiency, it takes only a few minutes to secure you data with a powerful encryption protocol.


by FindMySoft.com