"Privacy Drive - Safeguard Data with On-The-Fly Encryption"

Just because you password-protect access to your computer doesn't make you invulnerable to security threats. Just like you, your data is constantly on the move, and sooner or later you're going to leave a USB drive or external device plugged into a computer, or otherwise just have it stolen from you outright. To achieve true data protection, you need to make sure that your safeguards kick in at the file and folder level. That's exactly the benefit that today's discount software promotion, Privacy Drive, offers!

Privacy Drive lets you secure all of your files and folders from unauthorized access, thanks to virtual disk and on-the-fly disk encryption technology. With Privacy Drive, you can create multiple encrypted volumes that work just like virtual drives, letting you work with them just like any other hard drive. The difference? Your Privacy Drive volumes are stored in encrypted form, and only encrypted and decrypted as you work with the files. So intead of subjecting you to a tedious lock/unlock regiment that you'll eventually tire of doing, Privacy Drive makes data security a seamless, invisible process.

Once you eject a Privacy Drive virtual disk, all of your files and documents are protected, and absolutely no one can read its contents without the correct password! Best of all, encrypted Privacy Drive volumes can be moved, copied, and transported on USB drives, memory sticks, optical media, and more, all without sacrificing that superior level of security. With support for AES 128-bit and 256-bit industry standard encryption algorithms, there's no reason not to protect your critically important data with Privacy Drive today!

  • Secure your files with industry standard encryption algorithms
  • Prevent unauthorized access to your files
  • Enjoy on-the-fly encryption and decryption that doesn't interrupt your workflow
  • Create multiple encrypted volumes that work just like mounted drives
  • Move and copy encrypted volumes on removable media and optical media without sacrificing encryption


by BitsDuJour.com