"Privacy Drive - Easily create virtual storage devices and protect them using a password with this powerful application that keeps your files safe"

There are several ways in which you can protect files other than using an anti-virus utility. Privacy Drive is an application designed to create virtual drives which you can keep important documents safe. Mount anytime and set a password for increased security.

User friendly interface

The application features a pleasant design, and all available options to work with are quickly accessible. A drive manager lets you easily handle available volumes, and mount newly created drive in a desired letter.

Detailed info on all storage devices are displayed along with a few options, like “Format” and “Open in Explorer”. Overall, the interface features a modern look, with everything you hover the mouse cursor over triggering visual effects.

Create multiple virtual storage devices

When it comes to the process itself, the only thing that limits you is the hard disk drive total memory. Hitting the 'Create” button brings up a new window with several options you need to set.

Basic info like size and name must be specified, as well as the possibility to set a password for greater protection. However, accessing the drive will not ask for permission, the password only being required to mount.

You can choose for the drive to be automatically formatted in the creation process, but no way for to add a label. There is, on the other hand, the possibility to include a description in case something needs to be mentioned about a particular storage device.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Privacy Drive takes its job seriously. The friendly user interface is a pleasure to navigate through, and the intuitive design lets you quickly adapt. It is an easy way to keep physical drives safe from malicious applications.


by Softpedia.com