"Privacy Eraser Free - A practical and effective application that helps you to clean up all your browsing history, typed URL addresses, passwords and temporary files"

Privacy Eraser Free is a comprehensive and full-featured software solution that protects your privacy by removing all the tracks and other computer activities effortlessly. It scans your entire computer for leftover files, typed URL addresses, memorized passwords, log files and even memory dumps and cleans up your computer instantly.

Because it supports all popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera, you can easily clean up the browsing history. Additionally, you are able to remove files from FAT16, FAT32, exFAT or NTFS file systems.

When you launch the application for the first time, you can perform a scanning process within seconds. It does not take as long as we expected and displays all of the found registry keys. After that, you can remove them from your computer, then restart or shutdown the system.

By accessing the Windows section, you are able to choose which files and objects you want to be removed from your PC. This is quite useful when you need to erase specific information such as search history, clipboard, Recycle Bin entries, temporary files, Windows log files, credentials, invalid desktop shortcuts and even Event logs.

In case you want to configure each browser the way you want, you can navigate to the proper section from the left pane of the application. Privacy Eraser Free automatically recognizes all the installed web browsers and provides you with predefined options you can choose from in order to delete only the data you don’t want anymore. Typed URLs, Index.dat Files and Saved Passwords are amongst the fewest options that help you to erase such data.

What’s quite important is that Privacy Eraser Free also supports plugins in order to extend the cleaning features for ACDSee, Adobe Reader, WinRAR, Windows Media Player and BitTorrent applications, to name a few.

The ‘File Shredder’ section enables you to securely erase the content of sensitive files and folders, thus protecting your privacy. Since it allows you to drag and drop any file you want, you can easily delete as many folders and documents as you want.

Also, you can access the ‘Data Wiper’ tab if you want to erase all the free clusters on the drives, including the contents of deleted files and folders.

To conclude, Privacy Eraser Free is a complete suite that allows you to remove Internet cache, temporary files, download history, saved passwords, as well as schedule cleaning tasks to run at a specific time.


by Softpedia.com