"Privacy Eraser Portable - With this swift and effective program, you can clean up all your Internet history and the traces of past computer activities effortlessly"

Portable Privacy Eraser Free is a comprehensive and reliable software solution developed to offer you a means of removing all traces of your Windows and web activity from the computer you are using, with hardly any strain on you.

The advantages of using portable tools

Subsequent to the download process, you can just unzip the archive and run the executable that you need, being able to start scanning your system immediately, since there is no installation required.

As a result, you can easily store Portable Privacy Eraser Free on a removable media drive, running it on all compatible systems, be it at home or at work, in order to delete the traces left on the PC from browsing the Internet; at the same time, the utility itself will not leave a mark on the host machine.

Effectively clean your computer of all traces of web and Windows activity on the go

Portable Privacy Eraser Free allows you to scan your PC and retrieve a set of statistics concerning the deletable registry keys and values, as well as the files and folders which can be removed, along with their total size.

The results are displayed in several categories, corresponding to the installed web browsers, the used applications or Windows Explorer. Afterward, you can choose to perform a ‘Quick Clean’, ‘Clean and Restart’ or ‘Clean and Shutdown’.

The ‘Windows’ section of Portable Privacy Eraser Free allows you to decide which items to discard during the cleanup, including Windows System and Windows Explorer usage data. The ‘Browsers’ tab lets you choose what type of data to target, while from ‘Applications’, you can spare certain programs from the operation.

Moreover, the ‘File Shredder’ component enables you to permanently delete sensitive files and folders from your system, significantly reducing their chances of recovery. Similarly, with the ‘Drive Wiper’, you can remove hidden data areas from specific drives. The ‘Tools’ offer you the ability to access and work with the ‘Windows Startup Manager’, the ‘Uninstaller’ and the ‘System Restore’.

Reduce the amount of wasted space on your computer by deleting useless data

In conclusion, Portable Privacy Eraser Free is an advanced and fully-featured program that can successfully assist you in bringing your PC in optimal shape, by getting rid of all temporary files and any other type of activity traces, also helping you save considerable amounts of disk space in the process.


by Softpedia.com