"An all-in-one privacy toolbox for your PC"

Did you know that when you watch a video or listen to a song with Windows Media Player, it keeps a record of them? Or that Microsoft Office tracks all of the documents you've worked on or opened?

Yes, it's not just your browser that keeps track of what you're doing on your computer. Many programs are keeping a log of your activity, and other people who use your computer, or even hackers, could access these records.

We've also told you how important it is for your electronics to be wiped clean before you dispose of them. Overall it's best to keep your PC clean, and we've got a free tool that will help you do exactly that.

It's called Privacy Eraser, and it's a simple, lightweight suite of tools to wipe away your digital footprints. It will also improve your PC's performance and efficiency.

Privacy Eraser handles the obvious online records from your browser - the cache, the cookies, your browsing history, etc. But it also takes care of the data your favorite programs are recording about your activity.

There are more than 200 free plug-ins that come with Privacy Eraser, to wipe your tracks from programs like Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player, VLC Player, Google Toolbar and many more. It also cleans up your Windows data - all of the autocomplete information, saved passwords, search history, recent documents, temporary files, your clipboard and much more.

Plus Privacy Eraser has a built-in drive wiper. It looks at the hidden and spare areas on your drives, even deleted files and folders, and wipes them clean. The file shredder gets rid of specific files far better than the Recycle Bin. And the registry cleaner gets rid of registry entries for old applications, fixes your existing registry entries, and improves your PC's performance.


by The Kim Komando Show